Friday, 21 August 2015

Mobile And Me

I know, the title is weird. "Mobile and me" ... or should it be "Mobile and I," given the fact that both of us are the subject of this blog post? Whatever. I'm going to keep it as "Mobile and Me" for the simple reason it rhymes! And you grammar nazi (usually, I'm one of them but in this instance, I've relaxed), if you have a problem, go and take a flying leap (I'd have in your place for thrills. Tip: make sure you have mattresses under you wherever you land after your leap. I know, I know, I'm pretty helpful.).

Now too much nonsense about the title of the post; let's talk about the matter. When I shifted to Delhi at the start of the year, I entered the city armed with my reliable Vodafone network that I had been using for years in Gujarat without any trouble. For working internet for laptop, I'd Tata Docomo dongle with me. Little did I know at the time that they were practically useless in Delhi, the capital of India for all that matters!

After dealing with the headache of finding home near work, I settled down and holy mother of God, did I get surprised! South Delhi doesn't have decent network! I'm not kidding. I swear. Be it making calls or using 3G or simply using your internet dongle! No matter how much money you are shelling out, trust me, you will be spending hours at end yelling at mobile to make yourself audible to the person who had the misfortune to call you. Now if making a call is so difficult, just imagine what was I going through to check my emails, what's app messages and Facebooking! Yes, it was really like competing with being tortured in a Nazi camp.

Airtel saved my sanity. After witnessing my misery, locals advised me to switch to Airtel. They said it's lot better than any other network in the city. So I heeded their advice and got a new Airtel number and Airtel Wifi. And yeah, the life is lot better if not fantastic. Though sometimes the network conks out on me, by far and large, it's manageable.

Then there comes Airtel 4G. If I think about it, I think I will go giddy just with the thought of getting all the information I want with just a click. Just imagine:

  1. Talking your heart out without yelling or repeating. Or losing network in the middle of some rant!
  2. Downloading your favorite old movie, or the new one that you had missed due to insane work schedule.
  3. Downloading books, books and more books. You can have your huge, personal virtual library!!!
  4. Good network even in remote places! That would be so awesome! You can go to the Himalayas and post your selfies and videos with a click. Isn't that a titillating thought? You bet.
  5. And mother of all, able to do a conference call - be it Skype or What's app - with your family!!!! See your niece getting into trouble no matter where you are! That would be beyond awesome.
Anyway, coming back from my day dreams, let's see what kind of 4G network Airtel is offering. Only time can tell.


  1. I used to have that one strange corner in my house with no network... it's strange that one has network issues in capital city.

    1. I know! I couldn't believe it too when I had newly shifted! Thanks for reading me :)

  2. How can you be so real while writing a happy hour topic?! Kudos :-P

    1. Well, the post looks real because I actually went through this trauma. :D

  3. So does your net work fine now.

    1. Vodafone and Tata Docomo sucks. Even Idea sucks. My Airtel connection works fine.