Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A Night Out at Taj Ummed (The Gateway Hotel)

I love food. Simple. Whether it's cooking or eating, I enjoy trying new cuisines and items. So naturally if I have to celebrate something, I'd go out to dine. Recently, I quit my old job for a better new job and that of course called for a celebration. As my entire family is foodie, we love exploring new eateries. As my budget for the party was good, we decided to go to some fancy place.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hope Is Future

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I’m ashamed to admit but I’m a kind of person who can find faults with anything and everything, and the amazing thing is, the analysis doesn’t stop with the fault-finding activity. Once I’m done with finding problems, I go on to the root of the problem. A small example of what I’m saying: in the morning, I read the atrocities carried on by North Korean dictator. I read stories of North Korean labor camp survivors. And then I start psycho-analyzing why such things happen. I try to understand how people can be so power-hungry that they forget humanity.

Unexpected Support

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I’m pretty sure my parents must be ruing the day I was born. Of course I have never been a wild kid or a teenager but it’s just that I like to have my own way as much as I can. And generally, it’s bit more than the normal. For example, until secondary school, I refused to study. I even refused to appear in exams and every three months there used to be Mahabharat at home for that. I never saw the point of studying the subjects that I hated. After I passed my 10th standard with decent marks, my parents wanted me to become a doctor. I went for commerce. Than my parents wanted me to go for C.A., I went for management. They wanted me to get married when I was in mid-20s. I’m in my early 30s and single. And these are just the highlights.

A New Turn

There’s a saying: change is the only constant thing in life. Or something to that effect. And if we think about it, how true these words are, aren’t they? Your relationships, your circumstances, your emotions keep on changing. Sometimes these changes are good, and sometimes, undesired and unwanted.

Small Things That Matter

Everybody says that you have to be different from the rest if you wish to have success in life. Although it does make sense on certain level, I’ve always found it to be a crappy philosophy. I know I may sound silly and flighty but I have my own reasons. Not everyone wants to be extraordinary. Not everyone wants to be in the rat race. And finally, not everyone has the same definition of success.