Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Kiss of Death

***This post is part of the Indifiction Workshop and is written based on the plot given by Jayashree Srivastan. You can also find the below post in the Indifcition website here.***


Phew, Munna did manage to break the lock at last. I never thought he was going to do it. He had said that he will break the lock in 5 minutes flat and given his track record of past few years, I, like a fool, believed him. Silly me. Just because he had managed to break locks of numerous homes and lockers in seconds didn’t make him a master, no matter how much he liked to think so.

“Raja, my work is done. Now you open this door. I am not going to open it.”

Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Date With Iron Man

Well, to say that I am lazy would be an understatement. If I can help it, I wouldn’t move an inch from my bed on weekends, let alone cook for anybody else. Whosoever wants to have food, they can either cook themselves or they can order a home delivery; and while they are doing that, they are free to add my share too. Of course, not cooking doesn’t mean not eating, does it?

Sunday, 16 June 2013

You Were The One…

You were the one to bring me in this world,
You were the one to show me the colors of life,
You were the one who taught me to ride bicycle,
You were the one who sheltered me from the world.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Spooky Spell


Holy crap! Where am I? How did I reach here? Just a few minutes back I was cleaning an old lamp that I had found in a roadside antique shop and now suddenly this? A beach! Of all the places to land, how can I end up here? The sound of gurgling waves, the wet sand and the humidity in the air was enough to drive any sane person stir crazy. And I still have a cleaning rag in one hand but where did the lamp go? Oh God, what a mess! I am sure if anything goes wrong mom is going to blame me.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sari-clad Soldiers

Men are trained to be soldiers. Women are born as soldiers. Why so? Because, for a woman, the fight for survival starts from the moment she draws her first breath. If she’s unlucky enough, she won’t even complete one day on this earth with her father, uncles and brothers clamoring to kill her. And if she survives against these odds, a tale of sacrifice will ensue for her.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Broken But Alive!

I am broken but alive,
Living and breathing,
Not cold and dead.
I may be beaten, but still I will fight,
I may yield but still I will stand straight, 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Second Chances

Seema couldn’t make herself move. Her baby, Smruti, was lying on the hospital bed, fighting for her life. How can she leave her baby to fight alone when she was the one to bring her in this world in the first place? She didn’t want to listen to her husband, Manoj, who was trying to convince her to go home and get rest for few hours. It’s wasn’t as if she didn’t trust Manoj, but how can he understand what pain Smruti was going through when he didn’t carry her inside his body for nine months. Every time Smruti struggled to breathe, Seema fought to control the turbulent emotions ransacking her body. No matter what, she was going to stay strong. She won’t give in to despair. If she moved away from the bed, Smruti might sense that her mother was not there and she might feel alone. And come hell or high water, Seema wasn’t going to leave her baby at the mercy of those dark shadows.

 She still could see Smruti, her 11 year old baby, giggling and playing in the backyard with her favorite doll, climbing over the mango tree to reach the top branch and running around the flower bed to catch those elusive butterflies.