Monday, 27 April 2015

The Chocolate

Udichi couldn’t wait to be alone. She had got a huge bar of chocolate in her backpack and she wanted to savor it without Udipti, her twin. It wasn’t as if she hated her; it’s just that sometimes she wanted to do somethings alone. Her mother, on the other hand, always wanted both of her daughters to do same things. Maybe it saved her time to keep track of their activities.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Blood Money


“Abhay, serve the tea on table four quickly!”

Suppressing a flare of irritation, Abhay took his gaze off the TV in the kitchen. Even though he felt like smashing the cup on the tray, he carefully poured hot tea and went to serve the customer. He absolutely hated the restaurant’s crowd. They were stuffy and always ready for fight. Once he had spilled a bit of tea on some hotshot’s trousers and man, was it a mess. Despite of him apologizing again and again, the man had threatened to beat him up. As if that was going to make his pants clean! Huh!

As soon as he served the tea, the customer yelled – “The tea is cold! Don’t you dare serve me leftover.”