Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Whosoever said this knew what (s)he is talking about. Many of us treasure photographs, especially the older ones. For obvious reason — memories. Memories that can bring joy on our faces in the midst of despair, memories that can instill hope in us when we’re heartbroken. This photograph is one such photo of my bro and I. Of course, I am the one in that pretty blue-and-white frock, and my dear bewildered bro is beside me in black.

Even though we are not Christians, we used to love Christmas time. Every evening, starting from Christmas until New Year Eve, my poor dad had to take us out to see lightings and Santa Clauses scattered all over Ahmedabad.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

If David loves John, what is your problem?

Recently I was trolling blogs in IndiVine. I was scrolling across the most popular blogs under the social issues and I came across the issue of being gay. The blogger (I don’t want to take names as that doesn’t serve any kind of purpose) was thrashing out gays left and right and it was promoted by nearly 150 bloggers. This led me to thinking how many people in India really know about gays? Do they have enough knowledge to take a stand on such an issue? In this blog, I am going to address each and every aspect that was raised by that blogger.

First of all, being gay doesn’t impact the sex ratio of the population.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Why aren’t women respected?

This question is haunting me day and night since I read about the rape of a 5-year old girl child. I couldn’t sleep or sit in peace until I took up some time to just ponder upon it. When a 23-year old student was raped in Delhi last December, protests were held, laws were changed and women all over the country were given the assurance that the country will become a better place for them. All those meaningless actions were taken to placate the public, specifically women activists.

In the past, when a woman was raped, it was said again and again that she brought it unto herself by dressing provocatively and by behaving shamelessly (God only know what those people meant by making such ridiculous statements). Now I have one question. How did that five-year old provoked that man to kidnap and rape her? I wonder how can a man lust after a 5-year old kid? Or is that a psychological problem? In fact, is raping of women just a case of lust and not more than that? Isn’t an ultimate goal of raping a woman humiliation? Isn’t it a mentality to teach her a lesson for having the temerity to stand for something? Isn’t it a way of men showing women that no matter how educated they become, how independent they become, they will be always helpless against a man?

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

An Unexpected Date with Lions

This last Sunday is going down as my most memorable Sunday in a long while. When I woke up in the morning in my usual grumpy mood, I was planning to do nothing more strenuous than being a couch potato and watch TV. Just imagine sitting in front of a 42-inch idiot box with a tub of chocolate chip ice-cream. Ummm…. Anyway, I was looking forward to surfing the cable and watching Happy Feet 2 on HBO in the evening. Great plans, weren’t they? But alas, God had other plans for me that I wasn’t aware of. Better plans that now I am dying to share with you guys.