Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Child In Me


Every time I see a drop of rain on a leaf,
With rainbow tiptoeing around me like a thief,
The child in me rejoices!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

For You - III

PS: This is an episodic romantic story. Every week, a new episode will be published. 

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Arpit took a deep drag of cigarette and started blowing rings. Although they weren’t as good as LSD, he liked smoking cigarettes. Ah, that sweet feeling of being high on LSD, being in that other alternate universe where flowers bloom with inner beauty and chairs emit elegance of pure texture. The universe where distance and time didn’t matter, only being mattered. Just the thought of smoking LSD was enough to send Arpit in the reveries of ecstasy and frustration. However, due to shortage of cash, he had to settle for cigarettes. And he abhorred that.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Someone Special

Source: Wikipedia
The most beautiful thing about childhood is your mother’s pampering: her hugs when you fall down and skin your knees, her amused looks when you try to hide under the bed while playing hide and seek, her exasperation when you refuse to eat your lunch just because the vegetables are not cut the way you like. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the children of working mother. I’m one of those.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My Dream Vacation for 2014


I love travelling. Be it in India or abroad. Unfortunately neither I’m Paris Hilton with millions of dollars in my trust fund nor am I a travel show host who goes around fantastic, eye-popping places at the expense of the producer! On the hindsight, I do think I chose the wrong career; I should’ve have gone for media journalism and should have tried my hand either with food shows or travel shows. Coming back to present, being a lowly-paid corporate slave, going to new places for vacations is my dream; and I try to fulfill my dream by taking one annual vacation. The destination of my vacation, however, depends on the number of leaves I have and amount of spare money on hand (which usually doesn’t amount to much!).

Monday, 10 March 2014

For You - II

PS: This is an episodic romantic story. Every week, a new episode will be published. To read the first part, click here.

As days passed, Simmi started settling in the college life. She found an unlikely friendship with Kajal. Kajal, being an extrovert, got an avid audience, while Simmi got a peek into a different kind of lifestyle. Every facet of Kajal was fascinating for Simmi: her flamboyant style of dressing, laid-back style of talking, swinging-like walking. Simmi never thought Kajal would be so friendly with her but she really was. Even though Kajal had started making loads of friends – being active in sports and on party scene – she never ignored Simmi. In fact, she always made sure to include her. Sometimes Simmi even suspected that Kajal was treating her like her personal project but as she wasn’t sure, she never raised the issue. She didn’t want to end up with her foot in her mouth. A pattern was formed between Kajal and Simmi. They used to sit together and eat together. If Kajal wanted to bunk the lecture, she would bunk the lecture with her other friends. Simmi would stay back and attend the lecture, and Kajal would take the notes from her.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

A Year-Long Journey

I’ve always been a restless soul, having no idea what I’m going to do very next moment. I’m always lost. The only thing that has anchored my life up to certain extent is reading. But it wasn’t enough. My fantasies were getting bigger and larger. I didn’t know what to do. But I had to do something. One day I gave in to my madness and penned down the first thought that came to my mind. My first post — Innocence — was the result. Writing it wasn’t enough. I wanted to be read but didn’t have any idea how to do that. At that time, one of my colleagues explained me how I could start blogging. Result : birth of Musings Of A Confused Gal (March 7, 2013).

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My Hair Story

Hair! Every female frets about it. It's just that some admit it, some don't. I'm one of those who admit it. Openly. But most of the time, it's simply waste of time and energy because no amount of fretting is going to yield positive results.

I love long hair. Long and straight. When you have straight hair, it feels fantastic to try on new hairstyles. Bouncy layers remain bouncy, scattered layers look scattered and fringes look perfect. However, if you have wavy or curly hair like me, forget about hairstyles. No matter which hairstyle you choose, you will always have the same hairstyle. 

I always had a dream to look like this:

But I always end up looking like this:


If you mean to tell me I should go to a good saloon using fancy hair products, I have done that. Short of going for hair straightening, I have tried it all. Let me tell you about my latest hair debacle. Recently my cousin got married, and I had serious plans for my hair. I was going to wear a saree with a sophisticated hair do. I wanted to look like this:


 And I ended up looking like this: 

The reason being? My hair refused to stay straight for the bun. It took 2 hours for the hairstylist to give me the look that I wanted and my hair took an hour to get their own way.

As I've been alive for decades, I've found enough time to ponder upon my hair. Being a management student, I've done a systematic research. Let's have a look at the research:

Current scenario:

  • Curly hair which looks same whether it's been cut by an expert stylist (who charged me a small fortune for it) or by me (very cost effective as I just hack my hair with kitchen scissors in the balcony. Don't ask me what my neighbors think of me when they see me doing it.)
  • Hair fall (As my hair grows, I tend to shed hair like a cat. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm a were-cat!)
Solutions tried:
  • Regular hair spa (Believe me, I have literally cried while paying for this. Had I invested this much money in real estate, I'd have made Donald Trump look like a puny)
  • Doctor treatments (Dermatologists don't do anything except robbing you blind. Their medications have never worked for me, nor I've seen it working for my friends. Mind you, I've visited more than one doctor)
  • Keep hair short (This works like magic. I don't lose hair when my hair are shoulder length.)
  • Using hair oil (I've tried all types of hair oil, including olive and home-made ones. I don't get anything except pimples, even on my hairline)

After trying these many things for the hair I want, I've nearly given up. I think God wants me to be content with the lot that I've been dealt with. Consequently, many times I cut my hair on my own or go to a saloon if I want to be happy for a day or two. For hair fall, I keep on growing hair until the hair fall is manageable. The day I start worrying about the rate of hair fall, my scissors need exercise!

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