Saturday, 20 June 2015

Father's Day Special

I don't know why but every woman shares a special bond with her father. It's not that we don't love our mothers but Daddy is special. He's truly the first man in our life who teaches us to love — love ourselves as well as love small things of life.

He's our very first Prince Charming. He's always there to clean our cuts and sympathise with our problems (even the minor ones).

He's our true saviour. He not only slays the dragons living under our bed at night, he also defends us against vindictive teachers who like to scold us for not doing homework.

He's our ardent fan. No matter how horrible we cook, he will eat without any complaint. He will even reassure us that he loves the country whose map our rotis resemble to.

He loves to party with us. We know a tea party with Bugs Bunny and Cinderella is not a good party but he will participate and drink the tea as if it's the costliest champagne on this earth.

He will take us shopping. Yes we know it's boring to wait on others but really it takes time to decide whether to go for that pink doll or a white, cuddly teddy bear!

He treats us like a princess. He makes us believe that we are worth all the effort and we deserve the best. He's the one who teaches us not to settle for less.

He inspires us to trust a man. He's the one who strengthens our belief that men are capable of loving and protecting their loved ones. We just need to find the right one to settle with.

And to be honest, we will only marry a man who we think can be as good a father to our daughters as our father was to us.

So, happy Father's Day!!!

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