Monday, 27 April 2015

The Chocolate

Udichi couldn’t wait to be alone. She had got a huge bar of chocolate in her backpack and she wanted to savor it without Udipti, her twin. It wasn’t as if she hated her; it’s just that sometimes she wanted to do somethings alone. Her mother, on the other hand, always wanted both of her daughters to do same things. Maybe it saved her time to keep track of their activities.

Just imagine if I was interested in dancing and Udipti was interested in singing. How would momma darling keep track of our activities with both of us going off to different classes in different directions?

Invariably, both the sisters were enrolled in the same school and same drawing and dancing classes.

Thank god for different divisions!

“Udichi, why are you walking so fast? I’m having trouble keeping up with you,” Udipti whined.

Giving her a blank stare, Udichi continued her fast-paced walking. Within five minutes, she was nearly 200 meters ahead of her sister.

The moment the school was off and they had met, Udipti knew something was up with her sister because she was behaving quite cagily. It was as if she didn’t want her to know something. Being in the same school and same art classes, they mostly shared same set of friends but still Udipti didn’t know all of Udichi’s friends as they were in different divisions. Sometimes she totally failed to understand her sister. She always thought her twin was a restless soul with a mile-wide streak of stubbornness.

Deciding to give her sister some space she apparently craved, Udipti stopped trying to keep pace and started trailing her. She definitely looked forward reaching home. She wanted to check if her courier had arrived.

As soon as they entered home, Udichi went straight to her room without glancing at her mother. She was in no mood to talk. Udipti, on the other hand, went to the kitchen where her mother was cleaning the bottles.

“Ma, did the package arrive?” she asked hugging her mother from behind.

Maya couldn’t keep the smile out of her voice. Alas, who wouldn’t like her youngest? She was smart, funny and caring. If only…

“Yes. I’ve kept it in your room.”

Giving a squeal of delight, she ran to her room. Opening the package, she checked the contents. It was exactly what she had ordered. Quickly changing out of her uniform, she grabbed the package and went to Udichi’s room.

“Udichi, open the door. I’ve to show you something.”

What was wrong with the girl? Couldn’t she keep to herself even for few minutes?

Fully prepared to yell at her, Udichi opened the door.

“Here, take this. It’s for you.”

Looking from box thrust in her face to her twin, one thing was sure: whatever the heck was inside, Udipti loved it. Which meant, she definitely would hate it.

“No, thank you. You keep it, whatever it is.”

Disregarding Udichi’s apparent disinterest, Udipti pushed into her home and threw herself on the bed. “Okay. Let’s open it together.”

What a pest she is! I better open it; then I will throw her out and have that chocolate in peace.

“Give it here.”

Maybe joy is really contagious. Against her wish, she felt a spark of anticipation while opening the box. Suddenly she felt as if it was Diwali and she was opening her gifts but what she saw next stunned her. She simply couldn’t believe what she was holding in her hands.

Udipti was totally happy with her sister’s reaction. Alas, her scampering to save her pocket money paid off if Udichi’s expressions were anything to go by.

“Don’t tell me you ordered Beatles’ platinum album!!!!” Udichi prayed like hell that the gift wasn’t a cruel joke from her sister because she loved the band to death. Literally.

Hugging her sister, Udipti whispered: “It’s for you. I remember how dejected you were last time when you visited the music store. I wanted to order this earlier but I couldn’t save enough last month. I’m so glad you’re happy with it!”

When Udichi continued to stare at her with weird expression, Udipti started feeling uncomfortable. She tried to laugh it off. “Well, I hope you still love Beatles and it’s unlike your Barbie love, which lasted only for three months!”

Giving a tight hug to her babbling sister, Udichi fetched her backpack and took out the chocolate.

“And this, sister dear, is for you!”


  1. Sisters understand you like none other, don't they! Cute post :)

  2. Sister love! I wish I had one. :)

    1. Grass is always greener on the other side :P

  3. Hehee Cute :-D
    "momma darling"- reminds me of a close source :-P
    Happy to visit your notebook after a long gap... Shall start reading few more blogs which I used to visit previously... Started from the confused girl :-))

  4. Lovely twin story :) Glad the irritation didn't last long between them. Kind of ended up wondering if you had a twin, after reading this :D

  5. I like this story. It's cute, if a story can be called that :).