Sunday, 10 August 2014

Evil Me III


PS: This story is about a singer and her struggles. It's about at what lengths a woman goes to fulfill her dreams. What price she's ready to pay for her ambitions. So I don't want my readers to get scared looking at the length of the post, I am posting this story in 3 episodes, each episode having approximately words. This is the third part of the story. To read first part, click here. To read second part, click here.

As the luck would have it, he was married.

Initially I thought nothing of his married status. Until now, every man who has fucked me was either married or in the committed relationship. So of course I was going to get Heet. Alas, he was a man. How could resist me?

I was singing all the songs of Heet’s movies. Initially he didn’t seem to notice me. He, being a movie director, was more involved with the music director. He was very specific about the kind of music and songs he wanted for the movie. Sameer, who still loved to fuck me every now and then, was pissed by Heet’s such precise instructions. Once he even yelled at Heet saying he could create his own bloody songs for the movie if he can’t allow him creative space. Heet hadn’t yelled back but he had lost his temper. I’d seen that from his clenched jaw and hard eyes. Oh my! Heet was one tough guy who knew how to keep his cool. I had to have him. I knew controlling Heet would give me such an adrenaline rush that I hadn’t experienced before.

Having decided the goal, I put a ploy of seduction in action. Every time Heet would come to talk to me about the song, I’d make sure that my ample cleavage was in his eyes and my short skirt-clad thighs were properly crossed to give him better visuals. Leaning over him, I’d listen to him intently. But he wouldn’t bat an eyelash. He would behave as if I was either clad in burkha and he couldn’t see me, or I was simply his buddy. Initially, I found his reaction amusing. I was sure he won’t be able to resist me for much longer.

A week became a month; a month became a year. Lust turned into obsession. Even when Sameer was fucking me hard, it was Heet that I saw. It was Heet who kissed me; it was Heet who licked me. I lived and breathed Heet. And Heet was oblivious to my obsession. Enough was enough. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to do something or I’d quietly go out of my mind.

I put another plan into action.

I went to Heet’s place when I knew his wife had gone to her maternal home with the kids for the vacation. Heet had stayed back to complete the movie work. When I knocked on Heet’s door, he was stunned to see me there. After giving a lame excuse of being in the neighborhood and dropping by, I invited myself over the drinks. Being a gentleman with impeccable manners, he couldn’t refuse me even when I could see he wanted to.

On my second drink, I lost all my patience and threw myself on him. He was angry and stunned.

“What are you doing? Have you lost your senses?” he yelled at me, trying to pull me away.

“No. But I’ve had enough of your attitude. I know you want me. So just get it over and done. Just fuck me. I can’t stand this game anymore. I’ve to have you inside me.”

“You’ve turned into bloody nymphomaniac! Who says I want you? I’m a happily married man. Just leave me alone. Or I will have to call Sameer. Do you think I don’t know you are Sameer’s whore? Everyone knows. And I’m not into used goods. Get out of my house. Right now!”

I was stunned. I had never thought a man would reject me. Me, a sexy singer who always got what she wanted. But the reality was showing me something different. Maybe I was aging, losing my allure for men? Although I left Heet alone, my confidence took a huge plunge.

I couldn’t sing. My sur were getting out of sync. I started finding my own voice jarring. I started hating Sameer. I started hating men. I couldn’t stand in their vicinity. They were dirty; all leeches.

After 6 months of trying to sing futilely, I gave up singing and left the city. Of course Sameer didn’t want me to move. He still wanted me, but I was sick of him. He no longer had anything to offer me. I had everything and nothing that I wanted.

I moved to Uttrakhand to this village 10 years back. I bought a house and started living a solitary life. I would get up early in the morning, see the sunrise, do bit of gardening, give instructions to the cook and go to sleep. A year went by like this. Unfortunately, during this year, I acquired a fine taste for cigarettes and vodka. But by then, who cared? I no longer had a singing career. So my voice can be damned for all I care.

I still remember that morning of 9 years ago as clearly as I remember yesterday. Nishil had moved into the village as the new head doctor of the village hospital. When I met him for the first time, I abhorred him. He was so calm and boring that he could put me to sleep just by talking for 5 minutes. After the early few days, we realized that we were indeed neighbors. At that time, I felt like killing myself. Here I was in the village, marooned with the most boring man on this earth. And when he started inviting himself to my house for evening tea, I could literally murder him. The only thing that stopped me from doing so was his qualification as a doctor. It was quite difficult to find a doctor in this remote god forsaken village.

As days turned into weeks and weeks  into months, Nishil somehow started becoming interesting. Or maybe it was my hormones talking that were celibate for more than a year. To be honest, I still didn’t know what exactly happened. I only realized what was happening when Nishil regularly started spending nights with me. During the day, he would go to the hospital and do the doctor stuff but at night, he would return to me. Many times I wanted to deny him but I couldn’t. I somehow found peace with him that I hadn’t found with anyone else. For the first time in my life, I was center of attention and love for a single man.

Slowly and gradually, Nishil started cracking my reserve. He somehow convinced me to marry him. I didn’t want to marry and so I told him about my past. I had also told him that I didn’t regret a single fuck. I did what I had to do to get what I want. Initially he silently listened to me, and when he didn’t speak for 10 minutes, I got scared. Maybe I had succeeded in scaring him away and now I was going to die alone.

But it seemed God had other plans.

Nishil got up from his chair and kissed me. “I don’t care with how many men you slept with. I only care about how many men you are in relationship with right now. I know I’m the only one right now and I’m going to be the only one for unforeseeable future. So marry me and be my lawfully wedded wife. I’m not ever going to let you go.”

Since that day, Nishil has never left me. In fact, his love for me keeps on expanding. Initially it was just for me and now it has expanded to our two children. Now how can I regret any decision of my life that brought me to Nishil? In my place, can you?


  1. No I can't. It is a picture perfect ending. Beautifully woven. I wish life was as perfect :)

    1. Life is always imperfect. It's us who views it as perfect :) Thanks for liking the story <3

  2. "In fact, his love for me keeps on expanding."- so surreal!!! :-P
    Really people end up with so many things simply because of intolerable boredom :-/

  3. Felt like I was reading a Jackie Collins novel

  4. Now when is the next episode of For You coming? How many more to go? Will they unite? Will it be a happy ending? Does any one of them die?

    1. For You is going to turn into novel. The next episode will be up in couple of days. As for ending, I too don't know. :)

  5. This is an awesome Piece , Loved the second part the most and its second last line.
    This part is good as well.Well done.

  6. Nice ending. Overall it was well narrated but I found all the transitions a bit abrupt. Possibly you were constrained by size. You can possibly expand this into a novella and try self publishing. This will probably have demand now with latest incident of prostitution scandal in Bollywood.

    1. Yes. I made a novel/novella into a 3k-word story. And yup, I will try to write a novella about it one day. Thanks for dropping by.