Sunday, 6 April 2014

Smoking Hot

OMG! Who’s that guy? How come I haven’t seen him before? I’ve been working for this company since last 7 years and being the busy body that I am, I know all of the 230 employees. How did I miss this hotie? Holy hell, just look at his eyes! They were enough to make you swoon. I couldn’t resist my curiosity and asked Binita sitting beside me.

“Hey, who’s that guy?”

“Which one? The one in blue shirt and grey trousers?”

“Yes. That one. I haven’t seen him before. Is he new?”

“Yeah. He just joined our department. HR did send an email welcoming him. How did you miss that email?”

“Ah! My email is not working since yesterday evening. Network guys are looking into it. Right now, I’m available only on IM.” Oh, how the cosmic world works! You find one guy that interests you and you don’t know anything about him, not even the basic information that everybody else knows just because your stupid email is not in the mood to accommodate you.

As I was no longer hungry, I decided to head back to my workstation and start working. If possible, I wanted to leave early today; and if not early, at least on time.

“Anyway gals, I will see you tomorrow at lunch. Heading back to the desk. Need to complete all the work quickly as I wish to leave early today.”

I don’t know what was so interesting about me leaving early that all the girls who made up my lunch group started hooting. “Hot date?” “Who’s the guy?”

“Shhh…..” I looked around to see if the new guy heard my girls. I didn’t want him to get wrong idea about my singledom. “No. I’ve an appointment with the dentist.”

I huffed and puffed out of the cafeteria. Of course I love my gang but sometimes they were simply too much to bear.


I’m late! I hate being late even if it’s just by few minutes. Looking at my watch, I kept on pressing the call button for the elevator. Really, I don’t know why we have such a slow elevator! Had my office not been the 4th floor and two-wheeler parking space in the lower basement, I would have climbed up the stairs. Finally, when the elevator arrived and the doors were closing, a pair of hands popped in my view. Oh God! Now I will be later than the acceptable limit due to this jerk. However, when the doors opened, I forgot all about the time. I turned star struck. I couldn’t believe that the annoying pair of hands that I was cursing blue few seconds back belonged to that new hotie! Talk about the things happening for the best!

Taking a deep breath, I straightened up and sucked my tummy in. I flicked my bangs to give a careless look that made me look adorable and checked if my shoes were polished properly. What could be worse than having your crush notice how much of a slob you are!

When the hotie exited on the second floor without a single backward glance, my day went from bad to worse. How dare he not even look at me! I’ve been told many times that I’m pretty enough to command at least a second glance. But not even looking at me once was too much! Who did he think he was? Shahrukh Khan or Ranbir Kapoor?

Deciding he was not worth a second of my thoughts, I turned my focus to the day ahead, unaware of the fact that my day was going to move from worse to worst.

At 11 o’clock, Hiren, head of M&A department came to my desk. When I looked up from my PC, there he was, the hotie! Wondering what he was doing on the 4th floor, I turned my attention to what Hiren was saying.

“….so I want you to brief Mahatva about it.”

“Mahatva?” For the life of me, I couldn’t understand what Hiren was asking me to do. And it was all the hotie’s fault. His intense look was scrambling my brain. Why was he looking so intently at me? Do I have something on my face? Oh gosh! Don’t tell me I’m having a wardrobe malfunction! I knew my trousers were bit tight near my waist but did they just split? How can I have a discreet look at them right now?

“Pakshi, are you listening to me?”

Trying to look calm and composed, I asked Hiren, “Yes, but can you explain me in detail what exactly do you want me to explain.”

Even though Hiren looked irritated, he explained again. “I want you to explain how your mapping department comes up with market shares of the companies after a new acquisition or a potential acquisition is announced. Mahatva here is going to coordinate with both the departments moving forward.”

Okay. So the hotie is Mahatva. Nice name. And of course it was super exciting to work with him. How I had wished to know him! Now here is my chance. Yayieeee! Thank you God, I really love you!

Deciding to look epitome of professionalism, I took my chair and gestured Mahatva to take the chair beside me so that I could show him how we fed the data in the system to come up with our calculations. As soon as Mahatva took the chair I had pointed out, something started smelling weird. It was like something was burning.

Fearing a short circuit, I went under the desk to see if any wires were smoking. When everything was fine under the desk, I started prowling around the desk to check all the plugs and sockets. I knew I must be appearing weird to Mahatva but right now he wasn’t my priority. First and foremost, I needed to see what was burning and to alert the maintenance department.

When I couldn’t find anything burning, I was puzzled. Was my nose playing tricks? Deciding to ignore the smell for few minutes, I went back to my desk and started explaining things to Mahatva. As the minutes passed, the foul smell started getting stronger. In fact, whenever Mahatva spoke or moved closer to see the computer screen, I was practically engulfed in that smell.

Suddenly with a clang I realized it was him! He was practically smoking hot! Like a live chimney, blowing out clouds of black smoke! And there went my crush like a sinking Titanic! Not bound to reach a shore but to the bottom of a deep vast sea.

Making a short work of the meeting, I asked him to email me if he ever has any doubts or questions. On seeing his back, I couldn’t help but take a deep, fortifying breath.

Smoking hot or not, I like to have fresh air around me. And I’m never going to give up on that, not even for a handsome hunk who can make me drool.

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  1. Hahahahaha what an anti climax. No no I want both of them to be together. He should quit cigarette :P

  2. Quite an encounter. Poor guy, his body odour has become the foundation of his reputation in your eyes. :p

    Loved reading.

    Updated my blog. Do drop by. I blog at WWW.scriptedinsanity.blogspot. in


  3. Ahhh that is so mean!
    I've seen people quitting smoking for the sake of a beautiful relation...not once but several times :-/

    1. Smoking is injurious to health..nothing is mean. :)

    2. you paid no attention to those quitters and their efforts again and again :-/

  4. That was a fantastic read! :) hehehehe you came up with a good ending for it! And Mahatva, what a name.. had never heard it before.

    Btw when is episode 4 of your love story coming out?

    1. Thanks Seeta. I too loved the name Mahatav. :D Episode 4 coming up shortly :D

  5. OHHH GAWWDDD, i was hoooottting and smelling and thinking romannnccceeeeeee.. hoott.. you literally redefined the word "SMOKING HOOTTT" :P :P but i accept your view.. i mean cigarettes are such a turn off... for the love of all that is holy, i can never understand why people smoke when they know they are burning their own lungs but then once a dumb, forever a dumb :D

    I would never date a smoker lest he has green eyes then all my morals and logic goes for a toss :P but wait i don't date otherwise too :P :D

    Regardless, this was a very brilliantly conceived plot with full justice to the prompt.. It was hard to guess it's on the prompt and the story kept me glued till the end but being the hopeless HEA lover, i will ask you to do a follow up.. make the guy fall for the girl and give up cigarette and propose him right there... AAAHHHH, I just imagined the guy and the scene and it is bliss...

    if not, make him look ugly with black dirty teeth and get the princess another good smelling hottie.. okay,. you may not do either of the two but i told so because it is the best plots that makes you crave for a part 2 :*

    Yeah, length of the comment still not manageable but i love writing on posts that i love reading.. it's a weird disorder :P

    1. can really, really write a post in a comment :P And I love you for that :D

      But really can you date a hot guy with green eyes if he's a smoker? :O I wouldn't...or maybe I would but I don't know :P :D

      Sequence, I haven't thought...I might though...thanks for the idea :D

      And sweetheart, I know all about your disorders ;) :P :D

    2. I just happened to drop on this post again and how your comment lit my face :P :P
      Yes, if a guy has THE GREEN eyes, he can be a drunk, a smoker, a sociopath, a psychopath, pervert, lunatic, and all the bad bad slangs I don't use, but I will be in LOVE with him.. i've a scary obsession for green eyes, but most of the times i don't find ppl with such eye color here so I guess God is looking out for me :P :P :P

      and yes, you do know my disorders and that's why I LOVE you :P :P :) don't go on the smileys, i still love you
      I just smiled coz how cheeky it is we can tell i love you so freely to girls and you do the same with a guy and the rumor mills get all hot :P :P
      Okay, i sidetracked from the main topic :P Damn me! :D

    3. are right in there....even you can't tell your male friends how much you love them without the fear of being misunderstood. Sigh..this world is insane :(

  6. Wow!!! 2 messages... smoking and smelling - Lovely awareness post cum story cum contest's response!!! Awesome!

    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  7. Strong command in story telling. Mind was totally engrossed till the end. Supe take.

  8. I kinda guessed that you wouldn't fall for handsome hunk if he smoked. But hey, it's a great way to let guys know they could miss out on beautiful girls if they're smokers. Never looked at it that way.

  9. Loved your office romance and the unexpected turn it took. All the best for the contest Pankit!

    We should definitely discuss Aarti's book once you finish reading it :)

    1. Thanks Khushboo. Sure, I love discussions :D