Thursday, 10 April 2014

Smelly Encounters


Usually when we talk about smelly people, we mean the smell emitting from a person’s body. The body that sweats out the food that we choose to eat. But what about the foul smell that permeates our soul, our psych and our spirit?

We love to talk about issues our society is facing — dowry, honor killing, rapes, glass ceiling, women suppression, capital punishment and what not — but what do we do about it? Nothing. We just talk. In other words, we make noise. Noise because it’s useless. It doesn’t serve any purpose. But then, is it our fault? No. Why? Because how can we eradicate the filth when we aren’t aware of its existence in the first place?

To remove bodily odor, we take bath when we realize we smell. Here the realization is the key to the solution, not the bath. In the same way, to cleanse our soul and spirit, we first need to recognize the filth and dirt that fills us up.

We are grubby:

  • When we put down the other person to prove our superiority
  • When we have excuses to hurt someone else
  • When we want the other person to suffer just because we have suffered
  • When we see the wrong thing happening in front of us but ignore it because we have got nothing to do with it
  • When we consider sons to be better than daughters
  • When we treat daughter-in-laws as maids
  • When we consider our parents and in-laws as burden
  • When we snatch other’s right, including that of our family members, to choose the life they want
  • When we don’t respect the individuals around us
  • When we taken immense pleasure from gossiping the misfortune of others
  • And most importantly, when we turn hypocrite
This may sound very preachy but I really believe that until we clean out our polluted soul, we can never ever lead a happy life. And by happy, I do not mean wealth. By happy, I mean contentment. Satisfaction. Peace. Peace that we usually try to achieve my running after money.

But how to clean our soul? I don’t believe in any religion or saint. I don’t believe that worshiping any spirit or meditation can help me get cleaned. Only one thing can help: letting go. Letting go of hurts inflicted by colleagues, they anyway don’t mean anything to me. Letting go of abusive relationships, they anyway treat me as their punching bag. Letting go of materialistic ambitions, they anyway give me discontentment and disillusion.

Again, by letting go, I do not mean putting up with injustice. To bear injustice is a crime by itself. No matter how hard it is to take a stand against injustice — against our friends, family members or colleagues — doing it is important. Most of us think taking a stand is easy. But I don’t believe it is, especially when it’s against our loved ones. Clinging to someone doesn’t make a relationship; it makes slavery. And slavery is abolished since long.

So take a conscious decision to cleanse your soul, because soul is as important as body if not more.

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  1. You're so right about the stench coming from others in one way or the other. Treat people the way you want them to treat you. Practice what you preach. This is an excellent article to ponder. AtoZer @

  2. Absolutely, Pankti! Much needed in this KalYug :)
    Best wishes!

  3. A good one,
    btw, u seemed like MS Dhoni appearing in dainik Bhaskar ad-jid karo duniya badalo :)

    nice to see an altogether different perspective as most of us came up with humorous posts.

  4. What a different take on the theme! Interesting.

  5. Of all the post I have read, this one talks about various issues of the smelly kind in nature. Well written and all the best Pankti!

  6. You've done a post which suits my blog's tagline!
    Soulful Indeeed.
    Brilliant work and I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion. :)
    All the best! :D

  7. Profound Pankti! I agree completely. Infact I think..our soul, our core is more important than our body. It doesn't matter how much we clean ourselves and our house, if we have a rotten conscience. It has to be inside out and not otherwise!

  8. Excellent. You've gone beyond the limits of a lexicon

  9. A fresh perspective on smelley people. Loved it Pankti :) Glad that somebody had the guts to write something hatke.

    All the best dear!

  10. Liked your take on the prompt. Well written and unique. All the very best for the contest.

  11. That is such a fresh and serious perspective on this topic. I am rooting for you, Pankti!

  12. Will not say much, just that the start baffled me. Entirely different perspective coined and put up. "Letting go" is not easy task as people say easily. Some are born with the charisma of letting go in their veins. But majority suffer due to this catching.

    1. What was so baffling in the start, Rio? I know letting go is difficult and so we need to be conscious about it and try to do it. That's our hot water bath, isn't it?

  13. I hope the so called judges read and understand the "Essence" of this psot. written straight from the heart. Arm chair activist - every one is but it takes lot of effort to get rid of the grub
    To me a winning post Pankti <3
    Good lck

  14. Ah! This was a different take on smelly! But then Racold can't help here.