Friday 6 December 2013

Review For AmbiPur Sweet Citrus & Zest Aerosol Air Freshener

As many of you already know, I am not a huge fan of perfumes, especially the flowery ones. So when Indiblogger hosted a giveaway for new Ambi Pur Air Freshener Mini Vent Clip and freshner, I was quite skeptical about it. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to put up with that “flowery smell” in my car and home, even for few days. However, my bro loves air fresheners. In fact, he refuses to be in the car that doesn’t have air fresheners and hates to be in the AC room without spraying room freshner (I know that’s too much but I flatly refuse to discuss his obsession with him).

So when I told him about this giveaway, he was more excited to try it out than me; and he persuaded me to apply for the mini vent sample, if not room freshner, by promising to take the sample off my hands if I don’t like the smell.

Man, am I glad that I sampled this air freshener!

Ambi Pur sent me Sky Breeze air freshener mini vent clip. Blue in color, the vent looked too tiny to be effective. Despite of my misgivings about its effectiveness and smell, I attached it to the vents of my car’s AC. Lo and behold, I didn’t regret it.

So after being happy with mini vent clip, I decided to try AmbiPur Sweet Citrus & Zest Aerosol Air Freshener. 

Whenever we switched on the AC, I would spray the air freshner in anticipation of the stifling smell that we generally find in the air-conditioned rooms. Initially I didn’t see any immediate effect in the atmosphere but then that maybe because I am not a sloppy person with my room full of rotten pizzas, bad noodles and stale coffee.

However, I began to notice the difference after couple of days. The carpet of my room lost that faint smell of dust and humidity. Also, without smelling like a flower shop, my room had that hint of “freshness” in the air. 

But then there were couple of occasions that changed my attitude toward AmbiPur. My feelings went about being “okay” with AmbiPur to being “ecstatic” with AmbiPur. One such occasion was when there was unseasonal rain and all the clothes on the clothesline got wet. To dry them up, the clothes were hanged on every possible surface of the house, which unfortunately included my room too. Let me tell you, I simply hate the smell of damp clothes, especially the smell of rain on the clothes. Many people believe rain smells amazing but I am not one of those people and so I was ready for the typical humid smell for few days. However, AmbiPur came to my rescue like a knight in shining armor. Even though my mom hanged the clothes all over my room for 3-4 days, it surprisingly smelled the same way like before, i.e, no humidity, no draught, nothing. I mean, this is absolutely amazing, isn’t it?

The second time AmbiPur left me impressed was when I forgot my bag of tomatoes under my weekend during the weekend. I had bought 1 kg of tomatoes to feed the dogs in my residential area (I don’t know why but these dogs love eating tomatoes the most) and kept it near my bed with the intention to keep the extra tomatoes in the fridge to feed them to the dogs later on. Being me, I forgot to keep it in the fridge and the bag somehow went under the bed. As it was Friday evening and I didn’t go anywhere during the weekend, those neglected tomatoes remained under the bed for two hot days. On Monday when I was looking for my lost tomatoes, I recalled that I had placed them near my bed and when I checked under the bed I was quite surprised to see that even though tomatoes had gone bad, the room didn’t smell. Again, AmbiPur saved the day. Literally.

After these wonderful experiences with Ambi Pur, I would gladly endorse it without reservations. It’s even priced reasonably. So there’s not a single reason why you shouldn’t opt for it.

If you don’t have any problem with the price, you should definitely go for it. You won’t regret it.

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