Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Jacket

Rudra was chilled to his bones. In fact, he was even more chilled than the frosted chocolate ice-cream he was licking.

“You are so cold, even your hands are shaking. You should throw away the ice-cream and wrap yourself up properly in the jacket,” Anand was worried about his friend falling sick. If he caught cold, their camping sir would surely find that they had sneaked out of the camp in the late evening.

“Don’t worry. I won’t catch cold.” No way was Rudra going to give up his chocolate ice-cream, that too after taking so much risk in sneaking out of their camping ground.

“Then at least be fast and finish up. We need to return before anyone realizes that we are missing.” Anand kept on looking around furtively. Even though it was his idea to slip out of the camping ground for ice-cream, he no longer wanted to have it. He realized that it was his craving for adventure and not ice-cream that had led him to convince Rudra to accompany him, but now he was scared. What if the sir came into their tent to check on them and found empty beddings instead? What if he called his parents back home and reported him missing? Currently his parents weren’t amused by their 13-year old son’s list of pranks. The last time he was caught putting fire crackers in their neighbor’s car, they had threatened to ground him for weeks. Just the thought about what would they do if the sir complained made him blench.

While he was shifting from one foot to another, waiting for Rudra to finish his ice-cream, his gaze fell on a small boy sleeping on the side of the road. He was scruffily dressed in grimy short shorts and torn shirt. Even though the temperature was 5⁰ C, he was bare: without any sweater or blankets. Even his feet were naked, without any socks or shoes. He was sleeping alone.

Seeing him, he remembered his grandfather. Once when he had went out for a walk with him, they had come upon a poorly clothed woman and her child. His grandfather had immediately removed his jacket and given it to them. Anand knew that his grandfather loved the jacket and so seeing him giving it away was astounding.

Seeing surprise in the eyes of his grandson, his grandfather had chuckled. “Why are you surprised?”

“Didn’t you love that jacket? Why did you give it away?”

“If your mom needs clothes and if you have it, won’t you give it to her even if you like them?”

Anand had been baffled by the question. Why would his mom wear his clothes? She was a girl and he was a boy. When he said the same thing to his grandfather, he laughingly asked again. “What if she can wear it and she needs clothes?”

“Of course I will give it to her.”

“Why? Don’t you love your clothes? Don’t you need them for yourself?”

“Yeah, but she’s my mother, my family. I have to help her.”

Bending down to Anand, his grandfather had looked into his eyes with a smile. “Same way, beta, this woman is my family. She’s a fellow human in need. Shouldn’t we try to help her as much as we can?”

“I am done. Let’s go.” Anand was startled out of his memory by Rudra.

Both Anand and Rudra started returning to their camp site. After walking few steps, Anand asked Rudra to go ahead and said that he will join him in few minutes. “But where are you going? You were the one to make me eat fast and now you want to waste time?”

“Hey, I will just take few minutes. You move on, I am joining you.”

Rudra didn’t know what had got into Anand. Giving a shrug of dismissal, Rudra started walking away. True to his words, Anand joined him before he completed his 100 steps.

“That was fast.” Suddenly Rudra noticed that his friend was without any jacket. “Where’s your jacket? Did you lose it?”

“No. Let’s run to the site. We will reach fast.”

“But what about your jacket? Wasn’t it your favorite one with Iron Man’s symbol on it?”


“Yeah, it was. But never mind that. Let’s reach before anyone finds us missing.” Saying this, Anand started running with exuberance. He felt happy and proud. His grandfather was right: there’s nothing more joyous than helping out your family.


  1. Indeed there is no greater joy in helping the Needy.. :D
    This story reminded me an incident that happened to me not long back maybe 6-7 months back.Me and My Friend was out take dinner and while we were having dinner it suddenly rained like hell and within minutes the roads were all flooded..Suddenly an AutoRickshaw got stuck on that flood and he was helpless and asking help from others..I watched him for few minutes or maybe I was thinking What should I do?Then Suddenly I went into the rain helped him in pulling the Auto out of the Flood and it took us around 15 minutes literally and I was all shivering with Cold..But when it was done and the old man thanked me with a smile..I knew where the real Happiness lies.. :) That incident made me really Happy...

    Sorry for the Long comment Pankti..Just couldn't stop myself from writing this,Hope u don't mind.. :D

    1. Harsha, I am glad to know you. People like you are hard to come by in these times. And you don't need to apologize for comments. I love them, and I love them more when readers are able to connect with my stories :)

  2. Wish everybody thought that way! Truly said, there nothing joyous than helping out your family .

    1. Yes, I wish for that too.Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Harsha that's so nice of you. I remember a day in front of a temple a lady( beggar) was beating her daughter black and blue with a stick. When I asked her why, she replied
    " khane ko maang rahi hai baar baar, kaha se lau kahan?" I was so shocked listening to that, I took the girl to a nearby shop and gave her some bananas to eat. Even I got immense satisfaction doing that.

    Now lets not make pankti's blog a share your related experience one;)

    1. Hey, no problem. Have a hearty discussion as I too would love to participate :P BTW, I too have seen beggars doing that. It's a sad state of affairs :(

  4. Lovely story... A few years ago I used to take the company bus to work. Many of us would wait at this bus stop whee we would see an old lady wearing tattered clothes sit everyday. None of is ever did anything about it, one day a guy walked up to and gave her Rs 1.. Probably all that he had.. He was dressed in rags.. A better just like her.. We hung our heads down in shame that day :|

  5. [ Smiles ] "The Jacket" is a captivating article!

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  7. Your story reminded Me of the ending scene of 'dark knight rises'... That dialogue by batman to that old cop :-)
    But yahan pad bhi Ironman eeeeekkkkkkk :-P

  8. What to say? As always, one great story, that one can connect with. You can come across such incidents every now and then. The bad thing is, even after 66 years of independence, we still haven't reached a stage to ensure proper food, clothing and shelter to everyone, more importantly the needy, because the corruption imbibed in all our minds doesn't allow us to think beyond our own self.

    1. Yes, unfortunately, majority of Indian population lives under the poverty line. However, we can always extend a helping hand whenever possible, can't we? :) Thanks for dropping by :)