Monday, 1 July 2013


PADE Day 1 "Alone"

I encountered this beautiful waterfall when I was going to Badrinath, Uttrakhand, couple of years back. I visited the shrine in August, just after the Monsoon season. Everywhere I could see beautiful waterfalls, green rolling hills and disastrous landslides. There’s not much of economic development and most of the economy depends on the tourism. When you are stuck over here, which you invariably do at one point or the other, you realize how helpless humans are before the nature.
How alone we are when pitched against the wrath of Mother Nature, as we just saw recently in 2013 floods.

This post is my entry for the PADE conducted by “Just a mom


  1. Love the snap and love the description!!Powerful shot!!!

  2. the landscape is beautiful and effectively risks are becoming increasingly important.
    good text,

  3. I have to first buy a good camera before partaking in such prompts. Nice click.

    1. Thanks Diwakar. BTW, I too don't have a hi-fi camera. This pic is from my normal camera. I am not a clicker. :)

      Also, all my next pics would be taken from my iPhone. :D Let's see how they pan out.

  4. Nice click Pankti! Good to see you participating in PADE.