Saturday, 1 November 2014

More Than Reading

Many of you would already know that I love reading. It's not the matter of books. It's more the matter about magic. I like to read everything - be it books, magazines, newspapers or anything else. But when I read romantic fiction, I'm on cloud nine. Literally.

Last few months haven't been what I had ever expected. To put it simply, they were horrible but lovely in some aspects. Lovely because I got to learn about myself more. My goals became more clear to me.

Coming back to reading, in last few months I nearly read about 30-40 books. And most of them were romance. Yup, I confess a romance-novel addict. They are like my comfort food. My nirvana. If I'm down and out, I read romance. If I'm tired, I read romance. If I'm mad at someone, I read romance. And if I'm alive and breathing, I still romance. Wonderful genre, isn't it?


Do you ask me why I love romance so much?

Because there's no romance left in the real world. I no longer see unconditional love. It's always like, "I love you, I care about you but what do you do for me?" Isn't this the transaction instead of love? But in romance books, you don't find transactions. You find magic. Pure and simple.

Yes, the story does involve give and take as it's about relationships but man, it's give and take of love. Not demands. Not duties. Not responsibilities. It's more about being there for each other no matter what. And though nothing is fairy tale, these stories make you believe that still the world has lot of potential to offer you.

When you are depressed after reading about Iran and Afghanistan, these stories make you hope that there are humans who are ready to help others even when they aren't rich by themselves.

When you are totally dejected about politicians of your country, these stories give you a ray of hope that not all men/women are corrupt and greedy.

When you are fed up with your demanding friends, these stories make you believe that there are still people waiting to become your friends who will accept you as you are.

When you are ready to give up on life, these stories make you believe that there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

These stories make you hope. Hope that your dreams will become a reality sooner or later. You just have to be patience. And if you die waiting for it, maybe those dreams of yours are waiting on the other side to receive you?

If you aren't reading romance, you are missing out on lot. And please, by romance I don't mean Mills & Boons novels with really tacky cover pages. By romance I mean, the real ones wherein characters have depth and emotions, not just lust. Romance that's lot more than sex and desires. Just start reading and you will know what I'm talking about.


  1. Nice post. Even I love reading. But not too sure about romance. I'd prefer Fantasy, Magic and the lots. And I liked the end of the post, the thing about getting hope from reading stories.

  2. Nothing could be more cliche than "it's give and take of love. Not demands. Not duties. Not responsibilities. It's more about being there for each other no matter what" :-P
    Then I love what you love to write than what you love to read :-))

  3. Hmmm...who knows you more than me when it comes to reading romantic stuff. Ya, we are both on the same boat now. Finished reading the Gabriel series. And i am 'oh wow'. Ofcourse, i am re-reading them. I don't whether you will like it, but for me man i am loving it...loving every bit of it. In fact, i am obsessed by it now. You know what i mean. For only you will know.

    1. I absolutely understand it :D And I'm really glad you are devouring Gabriel series. You are full of pleasant surprises :D

  4. Hi Pankti,
    Even I Love reading romance story, usually people take it in a wrong way but you have explained the pure form of romance. I think all those who have wrong attitude for romance should read your blog to change their misinterpretation.:)

  5. Ah! I could have written the same thing. Except ctrl F - Romance ctrl R - Children's Fiction. Somehow I am repelled by the very idea of romantic fiction. I like stories of relationships - but that amongst children at school, magical worlds and adventures. Somehow I just don't want to read about adult relationships. Maybe I am just preujudiced and judgemental given that I have not even read a single romance story.

    1. I'd like you to try one romance novel that I recommend. Let me know if you are interested. I will send you the link for free eBook :) After reading that, tell me if you still don't like it.