Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Book Review: Kingdom Come

Book Review: Kingdom Come
Book Title: Kingdom Come
Author: Aarti V. Raman
Genre: Chick Lit (Or so I think)
Price: Rs. 299


Set against the backdrop of Kashmir, Ladakh and Tibet, this historical romance tells the story of Krivi Iyer, a former spy and bomb defusal expert who has an unsettled score with an unstable bomber known as The Woodpecker. In his mad vendetta against the bomber, he finds a trail which leads to Ziya Maarten, the manager of 'Goonj Business Enterprises' in Srinagar, Kashmir. Ziya is alleged to be the Woodpecker's sister. With her, Krivi thinks he can find his nemesis and settle the score. However, Ziya is not the terrorist's sister, but a beautiful distraction, one that Krivi finds himself infinitely enthralled by. Ziya discovers Krivi's past, and the two must decide whether the darkness of the past is enough to keep them away from each other, especially when Ziya herself hides a thirst for vengeance that scars her heart.


If you’ve read my last book review, you would know how much I love romance. Kingdom Come is a Harlequin book and when I started reading this book, I was hit by the memories of my teenage days when I used to read Mills & Boons and Harlequin by hiding them in my study books. When I started reading Kingdom Come, I was expecting fluffy read that you could finish it up in few hours, but it turned out to be anything but that. Full of technical details and heartbreak, the story starts with the hero rescuing a kidnapped teenager. From there, the story moves on steadily, and sometimes slowly. I don’t want to go into details and give a spoiler here, but enough to say that it’s one time read, especially for those who are interested in spy stories.

                                                        Ratings: 6 out of 10

Grammar and Punctuation: Although grammar and punctuations were fine at most of the places, editor(s) could have done better job proofreading. My rating would be 1 out of 2.

Flow of the Story: As I said before, the flow of the story was steady. So 1 out of 2 for the flow.

Concept: The concept of the story was good. It had everything that a human being needs – laughter, love, suspense and grief. So 2 out of 2 for the concept of the story.

Reaction: The book is worth one time read. So if you are looking for something to stir the Sherlock Holmes buried in your soul, go for this book. 2 out of 4 for reaction.

If anyone else has read it and want to discuss the book, please comment. We can start discussing it right here. No kidding.


  1. Romance, terrorism and espionage - a good mix. My instincts tell me, however, that I may not like this novel.

  2. Great review. :) Have read the book and agree on most counts.

    1. Thanks, Jaibala. Its nice to know that reviews and not just books are read! :)

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read and review my book, Pankti. Your comments are much appreciated and I look forward to entertaining you more with my nexts :)

  4. Good to know you finished that at last :-P