Monday, 11 March 2013

It's all about loving yourself!

Day in and day out, we complain about the injustices inflicted upon us by various parties — be it family members, friends, colleagues, bosses and even a traffic cop. What are these injustices? Are they real? Or are they simply perceived by us because we are not getting our own way?

They might be both, but the end result is the same — you are unhappy.

Whenever we feel unhappy, we try to find reasons for it.
However, instead of deeply analyzing why we are unhappy and what could change that status of mind, we look for superficial reasons (And by "we," I mean everyone, including myself). That superficial reasons could range from your friend making an unsavory comment on the way you dress or talk, to your mother not approving your choice in food, to your boss finding faults in your work where none exist. But is that the real reason for your state of unhappiness? No. I don't think so. We simply come up with these reasons so that we don't have to spend too much time looking inside ourselves.

Looking inside ourselves is boring and dull as dishwater. Or so we believe. We couldn't be more wrong!

If we ever find the strength and willingness to look inside us, we'd find a tremendous power of being happy. And after recognizing this power within us, to achieve it is quite easy yet tough. Simple yet complex. Why so? Well, to achieve that seemingly-elusive state of happiness, we first need to accept ourselves as we are. We need to love ourselves for what we are and for what we are capable of. Nobody can tell you how much unique you are, how lovable you are or how good you are. You have the power to decide that.

Then why don't we do it? Well, the simple reason for not doing is the lack of time we spend with ourselves. In this age of technology, whenever we get free, we'd rather spend that time surfing social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. How many of us would actually choose solitude and spend little bit of time with ourselves? We need to make a conscious decision to spend little bit of time alone everyday, no matter what. Spend that time to mull on your thoughts. Try to look inside you.

Once you start doing these things, you will start realizing how unique you are and how much wisdom is already stored in you. After this realization, a state of calmness will follow. You will start believing in yourself. You will actually start trusting your own decisions without looking for approval from other people. After that, it doesn't matter what anybody thinks of your decisions because they are your decisions. If any of those decisions is a mistake, so be it. Because it's your mistake, and if it actually turns out to be a mistake, then you will learn something from the whole process. Your wisdom will reach to the next level, and that's good.

Try it for some time and see the change it brings within yourself and the way you view your life. Injustices will be no longer injustices. They would just turn into mere incidents. As we say, it's all about loving yourself unconditionally and reverently.


  1. Completely agree with your views. However , it's really tough to love own self while you are being criticized every next moment for one or another reason.

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    1. Hey, glad that you like it! Will surely visit your website as nothing beats shopping :)

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  5. Hi Shreyas,

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