Friday 16 December 2016

Old and Wise

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

What were once dark and full,
Resting on my  head like a shinning glory,
Are today grey and light,
Telling the stories untold.

What was once smooth and supple, 
Shinning with youth and optimism,
Is today creased and harsh,
Paying homage to worries that kept me awake.

Eyes that used to seek out love,
Amid torrid storms and avalanche,
Are today looking within,
Loving the soul that's wars old.

Lips that used to curve easily,
Hiding the pain and telling lies,
Are today content to turn down,
Without feeling shame or regret.

Insecurity has given way to acceptance,
Restlessness to serenity and quiet,
Cowardice to courage and dignity,
Unapologetic to be the one I'm born to be.

I fell thousands of times,
Sometimes out of stupidity,
Sometimes out of betrayal,
But always getting up with the new lessons learnt.

I love the greys and wrinkles on me,
For they have stories to tell.
I love growing old,
For wrinkles bring out the twinkle in my eyes.


  1. A brilliant poem expressing old days and looking back at the youthful glory. I can't help feeling sad but your poem expresses wisdom beautifully.

    1. I'm honestly happy that I'm older and learnt lot of important lessons. Thanks for stopping by.